Weekend wind down: 5 NHL players most like Star Wars Characters

Derrick Simpson, May the 4th

To celebrate national Star Wars day, this week’s Weekend Wind Down is counting down the top 5 NHL players most like Star Wars characters.

 5.Brent Burns



This is the easiest and perhaps most common on the list. The San Jose Sharks forward and NHL foundation player award nominee is most like Chewbacca. They are both extremely hairy and if either of them gave me a dirty look, I’d run away like a chicken with it’s head cut off.


If I didn’t know any better I would think that these two were brothers!

4.Alex Ovechkin



Last year’s Hart trophy winner and the only player to score 50 (or more) goals this season, actually has quite a lot in common with a Stormtrooper. Stormtroopers are known for running around wildly and shooting at anything that moves. While, this year Ovi was a -35 and took a league leading 386 shots!



Although they may seem skilled in their respective fields, they are both extremely over-rated.

3.David Clarkson


Claus Anderson/Getty Images

The Maple Leafs forward had a very disappointing season (reviewed in my article on David Clarkson, visible here:https://alldaysportz.wordpress.com/2014/04/26/no-where-to-go-but-up-for-clarkson/ ) and that makes him most like Star Wars character Jar Jar Binks. I’m not saying David Clarkson is a bad player or that I don’t like him. But, after this season Clarkson is being seen useless and with a near 6 million dollar cap hit most people want him out of Toronto (Just like Jar Jar in Star Wars!).

davidjar jar

Me sa think a they look a same!

2.Dustin Byfulien



I wouldn’t go as far as calling Dustin Byfuglien fat, but since he came in at 302lbs at the end of Winnipeg’s season in 2013, he certainly isn’t petite. That means he and Jabba the Hutt have something in common. They are both the most overweight people in their fields!

big buffjabba


They call him Big Buff for a reason.

1. Jaromir Jagr 


The Devil’s leading scorer of this past season is 42 years old and just signed a one year extension with the New Jersey Devils. The Masterson Trophy nominee is incredibly old for an NHLer and that puts him in the same category as Master Yoda. Both of them are skilled, respected, and have tons of experience.



The force is strong with this one!

Like what you read? Think I’m absolutely crazy? Leave a comment below!

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All stats are courtesy of nhl.com

Derrick Simpson, All Day Sportz


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