Weekend Wind Down: Top 5 Goalie Masks

Derrick Simpson, April 27

Every Sunday on All Day Sportz I write a countdown. This week I am ranking the Top 5 Goalie Masks of All-Time


5. Eddie Belfour




The 2011 Hockey Hall of fame inductee comes in at #5 for his signature eagle mask. The design even earned the Manitoba native the nickname “Eddie the Eagle”

Blackhawks backup goalie Antti Raanta loved the mask so much he donned a Belfour tribute mask for the Stadium Series game at Soldier field


Those pads are pretty sweet too!


4.Brian Hayward

other hay

Although he only played 25 games with the Sharks over 2 seasons, this mask painted by Don Straus was extremely creative as no one had seen anything like it before.

3.Jacques Plante


It may not be much to look at, but Jacques Plante makes #3 for being the first NHL goalie to wear a mask during a game. During the first period of a game versus the New York Rangers on November 1st 1959 Plante took a shot to the face by Rangers forward Andy Bathgate. The Montreal goalie got stitched up and 21 minutes later he returned to play, this time wearing a mask. The Canadiens went on to win the game 3-1 and although many people didn’t agree with it Jacques continued to wear his mask and other soon followed.

2.Gilles Gratton



“Grattony The Loony” comes runner up for his masked based on the Leo astrological sign. Some people said that Gratton would growl at other players on the ice during games; he was well known for his crazy personality.

1.Gerry Cheevers


Gerry Cheevers wore what was  arguably the most recognizable mask ever, and it looked like something that came straight out of a horror movie. Every time Cheevers took a puck to the mask a new stitch mark was painted on. The iconic mask now sits on the wall of his grandson’s bedroom.

In 2002 Steve Shields would pay tribute to the two-time Stanley Cup winner  with a modern Cheevers mask.



Like what you saw? Think i left someone out? Leave a comment below!


Derrick Simpson, All Day Sportz

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