Spice up the World Cup

Derrick Simpson, June 13

As most of you know the World Cup kicked off yesterday. If you’re anything like me, you’d rather watch paint dry than a bunch of hooligans chasing a ball for international glory. Worry not bored American, for that’s a problem of the past. I’ve created three soccer themed games that will surely have you blowing a Vuvuzela and pretending you know who Suarez or whoever is.

Soccer on the Street

Before playing this game make sure you have your favourite team’s kit (JERSEY) and a cheap pair of cleats. Stand outside your local Police station. When a civilian passes bump into him and fall over. Channel your inner soccer player and create some tears while faking an injury. Play until the referee (policeman) gives the player (civilian) a red card (criminal record)!

Looks we have a winner folks!

Looks we have a winner folks!


The Brazil Experience

Get a spray tan and wax your entire body. Then go to your arts and crafts table (I know you have one) and make a protest sign using your fanciest of glitters and colours. Turn the TV onto the World Cup and stand outside your house . Proceed to yell and complain about how much the tournament costs and how the money should be used somewhere else. Bonus points if the neighbours call the cops!

Extra points for concealing identity!

Extra points for concealing identity!

Is he faking?

While watching the World Cup with friends (be careful not to gouge your eyes out) argue over if a player is faking an injury or not (he OBVIOUSLY is!). Make sure your cleats are on because winner gets to kick the loser in the shin!


Nothing better than a good ol’ fashion shin kick.

Hopefully, you can all enjoy soccer just a little bit more now. Or at least these games will help you tolerate it.

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Melnyk the Man

Derrick Simpson, June 12

The other day I was talking about billionaires with a friend of mine. He said that Eugene Melnyk was a billionaire and I corrected him and remarked there was no way the Senators owner could be that rich because he wouldn’t even allow Bryan Murray spend to the salary cap. Long story short, we took our argument to the local search engine and sure enough, Melnyk is a billionaire (and surprisingly a resident of Barbados!).

Imagine this guy in a bathing suit on the beach! Yikes

Imagine this guy in a bathing suit on the beach! Yikes!

Being a Leafs fan I was completely unaffected by this (some may even say happier), but the hockey fan inside me was steaming hot. The owner of the #15 value ranked NHL franchise (via forbes.com) was too cheap to spend to the cap. The Sens will have a much tougher time being contenders with an internal budget. In fact it’s already costed them a few times.

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The NHL’s Latest Epidemic


Derrick Simpson, May 14

The NHL has a full fledged crisis on their hands. It all started with Corey Perry and Jeff Carter, after that Shawn Thorton and PK Subban, and then King Henrik himself took a cheap shot at a down and out Sidney Crosby. No I’m not talking headshots or insensitive chirping. This issue is much more serious and dangerous. The barbaric deed I am daring to speak of is the act of squirting water at an opponent or his equipment. It’s dangerous, it’s unsportsmanlike and it has to stop.

Matt Dunham/The Associated Press Maybe Hank was still holding a grudge from this?

Matt Dunham/The Associated Press
Maybe Hank was still holding a grudge from this?

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Weekend Wind Down: Canadian Female Athletes

Derrick Simpson, May 11

In honour of Mother’s day, this week’s Wind Down will be counting down the Top 5 Canadian Female Athletes.

5. Shannon Szabados

Greg Southam, Edmonton Journal Szabados makes a save during the Oilers practice on March 5, 2014.

Greg Southam, Edmonton Journal
Szabados makes a save during the Oilers practice on March 5, 2014.

Team Canada’s Gold medal winning Goalie during the 2014 Olympic’s is no doubt the best female tendy around. Szabados currently plays hockey for the Columbus Cotton mouths of the Southern Professional Hockey League (it’s a men’s league!). She also practiced and warmed up with the Edmonton Oilers shortly after stealing the show at the Olympics.

4. Barbara Ann Scott

Scott was a figure skater during the 1940’s.She is the only Canadian woman ever to win a Gold medal in singles figure skating at the Olympics. She also won two world championships and multiple other international events. Sadly, she passed away in September 2012.

The Ottawa native has an arena named after her in the nation's capital

The Ottawa native has an arena named after her in the nation’s capital.

3. Clara Hughes


The Winnipeg Native comes in at #3 on the list. What makes her so great is that she has won medals in both the summer and the winter Olympics! Hughes took home 2 Bronze medals for biking in 1996 and has won a Gold, Silver, and 2 Bronze over 3 winter Olympics for speed skating. She is tied with Cindy Klassen (also a speed skater) for the most Olympic medals for a Canadian with 6.

Hughes is the poster child for Bell Let's Talk and openly speaks about her experiences with mental health issues.

Hughes is the poster child for Bell Let’s Talk and openly speaks about her experiences with mental health issues.

Christine Sinclair


Christine Sinclair is the captain of Canada’s national soccer team, and arguably the best female player in the world. The current Portland Thorns FC player is an eleven-time winner of the Canada Soccer Player of the Year Award and and a six-time nominee for FIFA World Player of the Year. In 2012 she won the Lou Marsh Award for Canadian Athlete of the Year.

Paul Ellis Getty Images Sinclair scored a hat-trick in Canada's 4-3 semi final loss to the U.S. in the 2012 Olympics.

Paul Ellis Getty Images
Sinclair scored a hat-trick in Canada’s 4-3 semi final loss to the U.S. in the 2012 Olympics.

1. Hayley Wickenheiser 


Wickenheiser is fully deserving of being #1 on this list. She has five Gold medals, and one Silver for playing hockey for Canada’s National Women’s Team. Her five Golds are the most of any Canadian Olympian. It is not well known, but she also played softball in the summer Olympics. She was chosen to be Canada’s flag bearer for the 2014 game’s in Sochi, Russia.

Wickenheiser has played for men's teams over seas, including HC Salamat (seen here) and Eskilstuna Linden.

Wickenheiser has played for men’s teams over seas, including HC Salamat (seen here) and Eskilstuna Linden.

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2014 NFL Mock Draft


With the NFL draft only a few days away we have decided to do a mock draft of the first 10 selections in the draft

Image1. Houston Texans – DE Jadeveon Clowney – South Carolina

Image2. St. Louis Rams – OT Greg Robinson – Auburn

Image3, Jacksonville Jaguars – QB – Blake Bortles – Central Flordia

Image4. Cleveland Browns – QB Johnny Manziel – Texas A&M

Image 5. Oakland Raiders – QB Teddy Bridgewater – Louisville

Image6. Atlanta Flacons – OT Jake Matthews – Texas A&M

Image7.  Tampa Bay Buccaneers – WR Sammy Watkins – Clemson

Image8. Minnesota Vikings – ILB C.J. Mosley – Alabama

Image9. Buffalo Bills – WR Mike Evans – Texas A&M

Image10. Detroit Lions – CB Darqueze Denard – Michigan State


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Gavin Lowry, All Day Sportz

Raptors season Review

The Toronto Raptors playoff run came up short on Sunday, as they fell to the Brooklyn Nets 104-103. Toronto over came the odds this season and will look to the offseason, in need of a backup center, sixth man, a swing man, and most importantly resigning Kyle Lowry. With a weak eastern conference the Raptors finished 1st in the Atlantic division with a record of 48-34 advancing to the playoffs. Toronto had only reached the playoffs 6 times but also set a franchise record in wins. Even with an early first round exit the future looks very bright for the Raptors.


The start of Jurassic Park!

 During the offseason the Raptors signed NBA Executive of the year Masai UJiri to a 5 year contract who made his first move by trading away 2006 1st overall pick Andea Bargnani to the New York Knicks for Marcus Camby, Steve Novak, Quentin Richardson, a future first round draft pick, and two future second round picks, Camby and Richardson were both waived after the trade. After starting the season 6-12 Misai Ujiri made a change by trading all star forward Rudy Gay to the Sacramento Kings in exchange for swing man John Salmons, point guard Greives Vasquez, forward Patrick Patterson, and 6’6 canter Chuck Hayes. After the trade Toronto played extremely well as they kept their lead in the division, and went above .500 for the first time in almost three years. The Raptors entered the All-Star break with a 28–24 record, and DeRozan was selected to play in the All-Star game, being the fourth Raptor to do so. To finish the season Toronto went 42-22 after the Gay trade.


Kyle Lowry?

Two years ago the Toronto Raptors acquired 6’0 point guard Kyle Lowry who was an above average point guard in his time with Huston and Memphis. Once Rudy Gay was traded Lowry looked like the next man out as Greives Vasquez was coming in. Lowry then received a larger role and put up big numbers with career highs in points per game, rebounds, assists, and 3pt percentage. The 28 year old guard became good friends with Demar DeRozan and was the leader of a very young Raptors team. Lowry is set to a free agent this offseason and I’m sure Toronto will resign the Raptors MVP.


Offseason needs?

This offseason will be a lot of work for Ujiri. The team is in need of a 6th man, a swing man, a back up center and the contracts of guard Nando De Colo, Kyle Lowry, Patrick Patterson, and Grieves Vasquez are up. Some possible targets could be center Spencer Hawes who can back up Valanciunas and provide a bit of offence with the ability to shoot the three. Hawes is a free agent this off season and has a lot of size at 7’1 also averaging 8 rebounds per game. The Raptors also need a player who can play forward and the guard, but Misai Ujiri could start by looking at the open market. Vince Carter is available but it would be idle if the Raptors sign free agent swing man Shawn Marion who is a veteran and plays tremendous defence, which is coach Casey’s game plan. Marion is also former Raptor and played under Casey in Dallas.

Biggest Surprise and disappointment this season?

Dante De Caria, All day sportz news

Weekend wind down: 5 NHL players most like Star Wars Characters

Derrick Simpson, May the 4th

To celebrate national Star Wars day, this week’s Weekend Wind Down is counting down the top 5 NHL players most like Star Wars characters.

 5.Brent Burns



This is the easiest and perhaps most common on the list. The San Jose Sharks forward and NHL foundation player award nominee is most like Chewbacca. They are both extremely hairy and if either of them gave me a dirty look, I’d run away like a chicken with it’s head cut off.


If I didn’t know any better I would think that these two were brothers!

4.Alex Ovechkin



Last year’s Hart trophy winner and the only player to score 50 (or more) goals this season, actually has quite a lot in common with a Stormtrooper. Stormtroopers are known for running around wildly and shooting at anything that moves. While, this year Ovi was a -35 and took a league leading 386 shots!



Although they may seem skilled in their respective fields, they are both extremely over-rated.

3.David Clarkson


Claus Anderson/Getty Images

The Maple Leafs forward had a very disappointing season (reviewed in my article on David Clarkson, visible here:https://alldaysportz.wordpress.com/2014/04/26/no-where-to-go-but-up-for-clarkson/ ) and that makes him most like Star Wars character Jar Jar Binks. I’m not saying David Clarkson is a bad player or that I don’t like him. But, after this season Clarkson is being seen useless and with a near 6 million dollar cap hit most people want him out of Toronto (Just like Jar Jar in Star Wars!).

davidjar jar

Me sa think a they look a same!

2.Dustin Byfulien



I wouldn’t go as far as calling Dustin Byfuglien fat, but since he came in at 302lbs at the end of Winnipeg’s season in 2013, he certainly isn’t petite. That means he and Jabba the Hutt have something in common. They are both the most overweight people in their fields!

big buffjabba


They call him Big Buff for a reason.

1. Jaromir Jagr 


The Devil’s leading scorer of this past season is 42 years old and just signed a one year extension with the New Jersey Devils. The Masterson Trophy nominee is incredibly old for an NHLer and that puts him in the same category as Master Yoda. Both of them are skilled, respected, and have tons of experience.



The force is strong with this one!

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All stats are courtesy of nhl.com

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Game Breakers: Pittsburgh Penguins


Derrick Simpson May 2

Today’s 4th and final Game Breakers covers the Pittsburgh Penguins, who take on the New York Rangers tonight at 7 PM eastern. Find out who will make the biggest difference for the Pens and why.




Cardboard Brooks Orpik

Opposing players tremble in fear when cardboard Orpik line up for a hit

Opposing players tremble in fear when cardboard Orpik lines up for a hit.

   This guy does everything: Blocks shots, gets in the shooting lanes, even stands his ground on opposing players. The paper defender is a real coaches guy too, he’s never even talked back to one!

Being the team player that he is cardboard Cardboard Brooks  lays down to block a shot in practice. Not even a game, A PRACTICE!

Being the team player that he is  Cardboard Brooks lays down to block a shot in practice. Not even a game, A PRACTICE!

For those who don’t know the real Brooks Orpik is injured and the Penguins used a cardboard version of him in a practice as a joke. The rest of the article will be serious… I promise!

Sidney Crosby

The Hart trophy favourite had his fair share of struggles in round one. He was held goalless, seemed quite frustrated by Brandon Dubinsky’s antics at times and was even put on a line with Russian superstar Evgeni Malkin in an attempt to heat up the two. He faced adversity in round one, but there is no doubt in my mind that the Cole Harbour, NS native will bounce back. He is the best player in the world and always seems to come through when it matters most.

At the age of 26 Crosby already has a Stanley Cup and two Olympic Gold medals. Too bad he can't grow a playoff beard.

At the age of 26 Crosby already has a Stanley Cup and two Olympic Gold medals. Too bad he can’t grow a playoff beard.

Evgeni Malkin

The 6’3″ Russian centre lead all Penguins forwards with 7 points in the first round, including a hat-trick in game 6 versus Columbus. Malkin is extremely dangerous and always seems to up his game for the playoffs (he won the Conn Smythe for best playoff performer in 2009). If he can carry the momentum from last series to round 2 he will surely be a handful for the Rangers.


blackandgoldworld.blogspot.com Geno Malkin will be hoping to add to his 3 GENOS from the first round

Geno Malkin will be hoping to add to his 3 GENOS from the first round

Marc Andre Fleury

For the past couple years it seems no one has believed in Fleury (including himself) come springtime. I believe this is his bounce back playoff year. Aside from game 4 in Columbus (fluke 3rd period goal, weak overtime goal) I thought that Fleury played well. It seems like he is slowly regaining his confidence, hopefully for Dan Bylsma Penguin’s this happens sooner rather than later.

Fleury will be hoping to prove his doubters wrong in round 2

Too bad Fleury won’t be this arrogant versus the Rangers

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All stats are courtesy of nhl.com

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